A great success for a member of HPhos

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The spin-off PhosPrint is one among the 75 SMEs selected for funding in the most recent applications from EIC Accelerator new wave of deep tech start-ups.

PhosPrint is the first Greek company selected by the EIC Accelerator scheme and will translate their research results on the Laser bioprinting device and in vivo applications into pre-clinical and clinics trials.

The 3D laser printer that PhosPrint has developed, allows the successful printing of 100M cells in just 1.6 minutes, targeting enterocystoplasty and bladder cancer. The printing of cells takes place during in vivo surgery and has been effectively tested in pigs. Full adaptation of this method from medical facilities and hospitals after the preclinical trials, prerequires the successful completion of three stages of clinical trials.

PhosPrint’s funding from EIC Accelerator will be used towards the first clinical trial phase.

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