The HPhos cluster provides an integrated support mechanism to its members aiming to the increase of their competitiveness and their growth. Among others, HPhos offers:

  • Lobbying at national and international level for the promotion of the Photonics field
  • Provides networking and identifies collaboration opportunities in Greece and abroad
  • Promotion of its members at national and international level under the cluster branding, in international exhibitions, trade shows and business events, outgoing and incoming business missions
  • Support at its members in identifying and exploiting financing opportunities
  • Provides personalized assistance for the exploitation of members’ research results and technologies, including IPR and technology transfer services
  • Sharing of knowledge and resources amongst member-organizations with complementary interests, aiming to jointly – develop, produce and launch novel products and services to international markets
  • Access to advanced information services e.g. technical reports, market analysis, etc.
  • Provides specialized training seminars and workshops for HR development.

Hphos Services