As a fundamental pillar of modern industry, photonics underpins solutions for the widest possible range of industrial sectors addressing in parallel major socio-economic needs. The development and manufacturing of photonics components and systems, also embracing manufacturing equipment and methodologies, acts as a leverage for the transformation of major sectors of industry and puts the basis for competitiveness at several global markets.

Τhe Internet of today depends on the ubiquitous application of photonics in telecommunications infrastructure and, as our society becomes ever more information-intensive, our needs in this respect will continue to grow. Laser-based techniques have revolutionized manufacturing industry and medical procedures, whilst photonic sensors are indispensable in providing a safer environment.

Accordingly, all members of the value chain need to be fully engaged, from fundamental research in materials through to the users of the systems, in which photonic technologies are deployed. A lead in the application of new materials and nanostructures in practical devices underpins significant competitive advantage for industry.

Source: ¨ Towards 2020 – Photonics driving economic growth in Europe¨ Photonics21 ETP

Keywords: Photonic material and nanostructures, Material Processing (welding, marking, scribing, cutting), Process monitoring and inspection, Analytical Instruments, Lidar, Laser Cleaning for Cultural Heritage, Mass Spectrometers