Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ALPHA RLH

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On May 28, 2020, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ALPHA RLH, a cluster of photonics, microwaves and electronics technologies based in Bordeaux, France. Alpha RLH owns an extremely dynamic presence in technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Factory of the Future). The Memorandum of Understanding focuses on areas of action of the two clusters on photonics, electronics and its applications with the ultimate goal of joint actions to improve the competitiveness of their members' products / services by promoting the notion of collaborative Development and Innovation.


ΜοU is based on six Strategic Fields of Activity and one Cross-Disciplinary Field of Activity.
ALPHA-RLH is structured around two key Strategic Fields of Activity:

Field 1: Photonics-Lasers
Laser sources and procedures, optical components, instrumentation)

Field 2: Microwaves-Electronics
Integrated circuits, radiocommunication systems, radar systems.

All fields supported by digital tools (Digital Solutions & the Factory of the Future Cross-Disciplinary Field of Activity).

ALPHA-RLH promotes the notion of collaborative innovation for the purposes of four markets (applied Strategic Fields of Activity):

Health (Medical Devices and Autonomy)

 Techniques for imaging, diagnosis and treatment, technological solutions for people suffering from a loss of autonomy



Components or systems for data transfer, data and network security



Embedded optic/optronic systems, innovative solutions for making materials, communication, navigation, lighting

Energy-Smart Buildings


Solar technologies, lighting solutions, energy efficiency, energy storage, communicating or connected devices for buildings.

Collaborative innovation
The ALPHA-RLH cluster’s innovative approach has accelerated our members’ growth and improved knowledge in the technological fields of Photonics-Lasers and Microwaves-Electronics in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
Key figures
o    278 members
o    94 start-ups created
o    49 companies established in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region
o    3,000 direct and highly-qualified jobs created, among with 10,000 indirect jobs are created.
o    1137 projects certified for €1,711 million
o    542 projects funded for €916 million

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