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Vector Technologies LTD was established 11 years ago as a value added distributor of Test and Measurement Instruments and Operational Support systems in the Telecommunications, Educational and Public Sector market specializing in sales, marketing, technical support and after-sales service of hi-tech products.

It specializes also in the provision of troubleshooting, performance analysis and network consulting services of new technology networks.

The company’s mission is to provide its customers with the right choice for their particular application combining the superior quality on a fair cost.

The strategic co-operations with leading international suppliers, together with the strong know how of our people, provide a guarantee of the quality and the success of our solutions and services in every electronic application.

It is the company’s policy to continuously seek for new ways to improve our processes and our modes of operation in order to maintain our competitive edge and achieve our targets.

Vector Technologies is offering a complete range of test & measurement products and systems and maintains partnership agreements with leading measurement systems manufacturers as follows:


Innovative Products and Services

One of Vector Technologies’ major achievements is the Project Implementation at the Greek Regulator (EETT). The subject of the project was the provision of a System for the Measurement and the Presentation of the Quality Indicators of the Electronic Communications Networks.

The company cooperated with another company as union of companies for the implementation of the Project. Vector Technologies delivered and implemented the equipment for the measurement of the Quality Indicators, while the other company developed the System for the Presentation of the measurement results. The measurement equipment was divided in three subsystems: Measurement equipment placed in a specially modified vehicle for drive-test measurements (Subsystem 1), Measurement equipment placed in a specially modified backpack for indoor and outdoor measurements at places which the vehicle cannot reach (Subsystem 2), and Transportable measurement stations (probes) placed at fixed positions, such as malls, hotspots, etc. (Subsystem 3).

Another major achievement of the company is the Project Implementation at the Romanian Regulator (ANCOM). The subject of the Project was the provision of five measurement systems for testing the quality of the mobile services. The specifications of this Project were such, that required design and development of a new and innovative solution.

Experience and Expertise


Partnerships of production & research institutions in focused research & technology sectors

Online Optical Probes for Quality Control and Safety Assessment of Olive and Other Edible Oils.

The main idea of the project is to develop a system for the non-destructive analysis of the quality, the authenticity and the main contamination parameters in edible oils, especially olive oil. More precisely, the aim of this cooperation will be the development of effective online detectors will be able to watch the visual spectra of fingerprints of olives and olive oi, during the various stages of production and during storage. Through the analysis on the software to be developed and built the database, the probes will be designed will be able to track the origin, authenticity and quality (fatty acid composition, acidity, moisture and pigment content substances) and contamination by organic pollutants such as dioxins and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). The probes will be able to measure the absorption of light in selected regions of the UV-visible and middle infrared range directly in oil processing containers or olive paste.

The project’s aim is to achieve higher quality and security of olive oil through direct and spot checks.