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Company/Organisation Profiles

up2metric P.C. is an SME that develops innovative and disruptive software solutions in the fields of Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Metrology. One of the company’s main goals is to transfer state of the art knowledge from academia to the market, via developing bespoke B2B software. up2metric is partner in National and EU funded research projects, via which we develop cutting-edge technologies for Computer Vision at the edge. up2metric has successfully carried out demanding commercial projects in the following sectors: Industrial Metrology & Automation, Precision Agriculture, Geospatial and Cultural Heritage. We are proud to deliver products internationally tour clients, with Otolift, Hidayath Group and twnkls among others. up2metric is also member of Attica Technology & Science Park “Lefkippos”, part of the NCSR “Demokritos” and the Hellenic Photonics Cluster.

Innovative Products and Services

up2metric develops bespoke B2B software, based on key enabling and core technologies (for linux, windows, android, iOS ecosystem; from phones to cloud), such as 3D Computer Vision; Image orientation; Image Processing; Deep Learning and Machine Learning; Augmented Reality; Virtual Reality; Multi-modal data analytics; Sensor calibration. Our solutions are scalable and can be integrated to clients existing systems. At the same time, we are building upon our existing knowledge and technology towards a unified computer vision API in a heterogeneous architecture for matching a variety of devices. This will enable industrial clients to utilize their cameras to perform object detection, classification, counting, and tracking, as well as measure lengths and volumes, verify industrial parts dimensions.

Experience and Expertise

The key expertise of up2metric has been developed across the following technology areas:

  • 3D modelling (Structure-from-Motion, Stereo-Reconstruction)
  • Object detection, classification, and tracking via Deep Learning techniques
  • 3D scanning by means of different technologies (laser scanners, RGB-D sensors, structured light) hyperspectral sensor data processing and analysis
  • Sensor Calibration (RGB cameras, hyperspectral sensors, multi-spectral frame cameras, IMU, GPS)

up2metric retains a rich experience in the implementation of externally funded R&D projects


1. EU funded projects (Horizon 2020)

Call: H2020-ICT-2018-2020 | Topic: ICT-32-2018 | Type of action: RIA

  • MindSpaces - Art-driven adaptive outdoors and indoors design Role: Development of a Computer Vision and Machine Learning system for 3D reconstruction of indoor and Outdoor spaces

2. Nationally funded research projects

  • SOUP (SOilless culture UPgrade): Utilizing Robotic Systems and Computational Intelligence Technologies to Reduce Costs and Inputs in Hydroponic Cultures.
  • VirtualDiver: Development of an integrated interactive platform providing virtual underwater experiences for the culture and tourism industries.
  • Travel Tycoon: Greece Game development for tourism and cultural heritage. Build your own travel agency empire from the ground up.