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ThetaMetrisis SA designs and manufactures state of the art turn-key solutions for the non-destructive real-time characterization of stacks of transparent and semi-absorbing thin and thick films and coatings with thickness in the 1nm-500um range. Through their unique design, FR-tools provide reflectance, absorbance and transmittance measurements at the point of interest. Thanks to FR-Monitor software and the White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy (WLRS) principle of operation, the thickness and optical constants (n & k) of suspended and supported stacks are measured with high accuracy in static and dynamic conditions. In addition, numerous other parameters are measured such as roughness, film uniformity and colour.

ThetaMetrisis provides a complete line of tools that operate in any spectral regime in the 200-2500nm spectral range. Our film characterization tools are used in a wide range of diverse applications in areas such as: standard optical measurements (Absorbance – Transmission), OLEDs characterization, Metal & Dielectrics Characterization, Photovoltaics, Semiconductor Fabrication, Polymers Characterization, Photonic Structures, Process control (endpoint & fault detection), Optical Coatings, In-Situ Measurements, Hard-coats and much more.

At ThetaMetrisis, tools are tailored to customer’s needs without any compromise in accuracy, quality and after sales support.

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FR-portable: Accurate & USB-powered Film Characterization for Point-of-Need applications R-Scanner: Automated, Ultra-fast & Accurate mapping of thickness and optical properties of films and coatings

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Optical non-destructive characterization of coatings.