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Company/Organisation Profile

PRIME Laser Technology SA is a private SME manufacturing company, established in 2006 (by Mr. Costas Travasaros and Dr. Elias Hontzopoulos). The company premises are in the industrial area of Keratea, Attika, Greece.

PRIME Laser Technology SA provides:

  • Design, development and production of Solar Thermal Absorbers using novel & innovative production technology
  • Design and development of Solar Thermal Systems, either in complete form or in parts and components.
  • Design and development of Heat Exchangers for Space Heating and Cooling, using novel & innovative production technology.

The company addresses both local and international markets. The countries that the company is exporting include Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Malaysia and Israel (direct export) and Spain, Italy, UK, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria (indirect export).

The company's strategy for the next period is based on two axes:

  • The first one is related with the development of new products for the solar thermal (PVT collector, vacuum tubes) and the space heating-cooling (radiator-heat exchanger) markets.
  • The second one is related with the development of new technologies for manufacturing products of the company, aiming to increase the company’s value and competitiveness in the field.

Innovative Products and Services

The founding partners of PRIME Laser Technologies have extensive experience, both in solar thermal systems and industrial laser applications. In the mid 90's, they had demonstrated (Project "NATO SfS: “Gr-Laser” LATIN Laser Technology in Industry"1994-2000) the possibility to use laser technology for welding solar thermal absorbers. Due to the technical and financial risks of this period (solid state lasers were not fully developed yet), the industrial use of this application was delayed. They have designed, built, installed and used the first worldwide laser system for solar thermal absorbers, in 2003. This machine could weld both Cu-Cu and Cu-Alu solar thermal absorbers. From 2007, due to the high price of the Cu, this laser technology application became the dominant production technology against ultrasonic welding for solar thermal absorbers worldwide.

In order to remain competitive and increase its market share, PRIME Laser Technology SA is focusing in the design and development of new products and the continuous improvement of its processes; that results in more efficient production, consistently improved quality, minimizing defects and reducing rework and scrap levels.

Experience and Expertise

Energy market (solar thermal, space heating-cooling).