Nanotechnology and MEMS Laboratory (NML/NCSR "DEMOKRITOS")


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Company/Organisation Profiles

The Nanotechnology and MEMS laboratory is part of the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of NCSR «Demokritos», and has a long experience in the development of micro- and nano-manufacturing technologies such as photolithography, etching, chemical processes, and deposition of thin films. There is a strong expertise in the development of thermal, chemical, mechanical and photonic sensors, thermoelectric and energy harvesting devices, microfluidics and biosensors. In the past we have developed systems for measuring flow and composition of gasses, biosystems, thermoelectric generators, and solar systems. All these activities are supported by our nanofabrication/nanoelectronics infrastructure which includes a whole series of Si processing for the fabrication of devices, integrated circuits, and sensors in a 300 m2 “clean room” facility, which is complemented by satellite labs of electrical, optical and structural characterization, microscopy (SEM, AFM, TEM), micromechanics, chemistry, plasma processing, thin film deposition, sensor characterization, and microfluidics.

Innovative Products and Services

The lab has a long experience in micro-nanofabrication, lithographic techniques, and Si technology, and is capable of prototype fabrication and electrical and optical characterization of integrated devices and systems. The do provide services to external users and many processes are ISO certified. More detailed information is available on the lab web site

Experience and Expertise

Key Expertise: Micro-nano fabrication, design and characterization of devices and systemsResearch expertise: Fabrication and characterization of nanoelectronic devices (transistors, memories), photovoltaics, OLEDs, biophotonics, lab-on-a-chip, device simulation. A list of recent projects can be found in :