Photonics-Packaging Partnership for Food Innovation

Photonics Packaging Partnership for Food Innovation

 FoodPackLab project, funded by the European Commission COSME programme, arises from strategic partnership of 5 clusters linking different value chain activities, industries and countries.

It focuses on cooperation for internationalization, providing time and space for different stakeholders to work on cutting-edge solutions for one of the most important challenges faced by contemporary society, which is food safety.
FoodPackLab promotes the collaboration between food processing, packaging and photonics innovation clusters in the EU in order to identify and develop solutions to problems arising during the food processing and packaging stage that limit the food shelf life before being thrown out. FoodPackLab actions will result in the improvement of life quality and safety of EU citizens’ as well as affect positively the EU economy by saving its resources and stimulating the employment generation, aiming to gain a leading role in the food packaging and safety sector worldwide.
HPhos has been in contact with FoodPackLab and members interested to food processing with photonics technologies are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.