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MIRTEC S.A. is a multi-sectoral Technology oriented company active in Applied Research, Technological Development, Certification & Quality Control in a wide range of materials and products. The company offers integrated solutions supporting Industry worldwide through leading edge technology with simultaneous establishment of strong collaborations with many Research Centers worldwide.

The company acts as the National Accredited Certification Body in Greece being active in a broad range of certification fields (metallic materials, ceramics/refractories, building materials, polymers, synthetic, textile as well as fibrous materials) with privately owned laboratories accredited to EN ISO/IEC17025. It is a Notified Body (NB. 0437) for Products Certification in EU and Member of IQNet, Oeko-Tex, IECEE CB (ENEC, CCA & HAR Group). Based on materials expertise, extensive testing facilities and awareness of current regulations and guidelines, the company provides testing and certification services ensuring that materials, products and structures conform to Standards and meet specifications.

Innovative Products and Services

MIRTEC owns significant expertise in innovative products and processes development supporting Industry by covering special needs. It has implemented numerous R&D projects either through EU/National funding or by direct B2B collaboration with different industries. MIRTEC has participated in 9 patents for advanced ceramic/metallic materials (3 World --3 European- 3 National).

By utilizing its considerable know-how for high added value products development, the company is capable of producing, upon client’s request, innovative tailor made products and coatings (indicatively transparent conductive oxides, high temperature thermal & electrical insulation materials etc) for high-tech industrial applications (e.g ceramic oxides suspensions/inks, special morphology powders).

Experience and Expertise

In the field of Research & Technological Development, the company supports Industry in covering special needs and presents significant expertise in the field of Advanced ceramics, Porous and filtration media, Biomaterials, materials for SOFCs and batteries, innovative Building & Cultural Heritage protection materials, Aluminium Alloys design & processing, Smart Textiles, Personal protective equipment materials, Biobased materials, Advanced Thermal spray techniques and utilization of industrial waste and end of life products.

Currently the company participates in 5 HORIZON 2020 projects (BIO4SELF, TCBL, InnovaConcrete, EEN-Hellas-COSME, ENHANCEMENT) and in 6 National R&D projects in the field of advanced materials.