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Company/Organisation Profile

Lamda Technology was established in 1990 in order to provide services in the design and installation of telecommunication networks. The company having the background and continuously being informed of the developments provides up to date technical consulting and services over the design and implementation mainly of optical fiber networks. The services are provided by a highly qualified personnel combined with up-to-date technological equipment.

Lamda Technology collaborates and represents a number of manufacturers and vendors in order to provide integrated quality solutions in fiber network implementation. The company collaborates with Greek and European research centers in research and implementation of optical fiber sensors, and DWDM products.

Further the company is active in the field of laser technology and especially on laser material processing (surface treatment, cutting, welding, marking, scribing) and optoelectronics.

Innovative Products and Services

Optical fibre and laser processing applications: Lamda Technology provides fibre optic network design, deployment and components, enabling high quality connectivity at the most cost effective, timely and future proof way. The company represents a number of manufacturers and vendors in order to provide integrated quality solutions in fibre network implementation. Through a wide range of products the company covers the needs of telecommunication network construction (MAN, Campus, WAN, FTTx), providing solutions to operators, installers and constructors.

The company is also involved on optical fiber sensors and laser processing. The company’s strategy on that field is to design and implement new fiber optic sensors, in the form of “smart structures” that allow monitoring and information gaining (on strain, aging, vibrations, leakage etc.) applying to construction, transportation, biomedical sectors, and industrial manufacturing (i.e. laser solutions for material processing including micromachining, f-second laser processing, laser stripping etc.).

Experience and Expertise

Industrial manufacturing