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Company/Organisation Profiles

EULAMBIA Advanced Technologies ΜΕΠΕ is a technological company active in the field of hardware-based security, communications and sensing. Its highly qualified and experienced research and engineering team has a broad area of expertise and delivers innovative concepts to real life products. Its current activities regarding its three main research pillars are:

  • A true random number and encryption key/seed generator based on photonic Physical Unclonable Functions, suitable for cryptographic applications and security primitives
  • The development of a software and hardware toolbox for the evaluation of the next generation 5G mobile networks
  • The development of a diffused light communication system in the wavelength region of UV-C
  • The development of UV metering devices and ice detection sensors for a wide area of applications

EULAMBIA’s products:

  • Electro-Optic Modulator bias controller in two different versions
  • Optical Frequency Shifter

Important International clients and collaborators: Raymetrics, Schlumberger, Future Intelligence, Sesto Sensors

Innovative Products and Services

The founding partners of EULAMBIA Advanced Technologies have extensive experience on innovative products and services:

1. Products:

  • Optical Frequency Shifter: Generation of optical tones and swiping patterns with a frequency resolution of 1MHz and sideband suppression of up to 50 dB.
  • Ice detection sensor: Sensor for detecting the presence of ice, identifying its type and estimating its thickness in moving or stationary surfaces. The sensor is suitable for the aviation, wind turbine industry and automotive.
  • True random number and encryption key/seed generator based on photonic Physical Unclonable Functions (under development – patent pending).

2. Services:

  • Design and development of opto-electronic sub-systems
  • Development of sophisticated algorithms for FPGAs and microControllers
  • Design of analog/digital/mixed signal multi-layer PCBs
  • Full custom solutions

Experience and Expertise

EULAMBIA Advanced Technologies has accumulated a rich technological experience and expertise and it has participated in several flagship projects, such as:

  • KONFIDO – H2020 (Ongoing project): EULAMBIA’s role is to develop novel key generation and encryption technologies based on photonics
  • BlueSpace – H2020 (Ongoing project): EULAMBIA’s role is the design and development of the analogue Radio-over-Fiber transceiver systems and development of algorithms for MIMO data flow handling and processing
  • SMILE – H2020 (Ongoing project): EULAMBIA’s role is to design and develop a novel key generation and encryption technology based on optical Physical Unclonable Functions
  • SINTERINK – Israel-Greece Bilateral Cooperation NSRF2014-2020: EULAMBIA’s role is to design the electronic sub-system for a laser sintering conductive ink printer