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Company/Organisation Profile

CNC SOLUTIONS is a specialized sub-contracting Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing company of metal components and spare parts of high precision and complexity.

To ensure full compliance with the high-quality specifications of its clients in Greece and abroad, CNC Solutions created an independent fully-equipped quality control department, where all final pieces are dimensionally tested one by one, at high speed and maximum precision of 2.1μm.

CNC SOLUTIONS is one of the very few companies globally with its own contemporary and pioneering CNC Training Center (1st HTEC in Greece), which provides hands-on training and comprehensive technical knowledge and skills on operations and programming of CNC tool machines in real environment.

The above investments have created the conditions for the company’s systematic growth in Greece and the wider region.

CNC Solutions is certified by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & BS OHSAS 180001:2007 from the organization TUV INTERCERT.

Innovative Products and Services

  • Some of the company’s most important achievements in the last 5 years are:
    2009: Application of comprehensive design, production and control computerized systems ERP SAP
  • 2010: Relocation to bigger and modern facilities of international standards
  • 2011: Creation of a fully-equipped production control department
  • 2012: Application of the advanced CAD/CAM software hyperMILL
  • 2013: Expansion of production facilities with the acquisition of new contemporary high-tech CNC tool machines resulted in the increase of the production capacity
  • 2014: Creation of the pioneering and contemporary CNC Training Center – 1st HTEC in Greece certified by Haas

Experience and Expertise

  • Specialized sub-contracting design and manufacturing company of metal components and parts of high precision and complexity with great experience in manufacturing needs from various high-tech industrial sectors such as photonics, defence, aerospace, scientific equipment, medical equipment, R&D, pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Specialized R&D department
  • Formulation of certified materials (stainless steel, iron, aluminium, brass, titanium, special steels, industrial plastics)
  • Strong technical support
  • In-house high-quality wide range of services such as industrial design, reverse engineering, laser marking, surface protection, polishing and shining of components, assembling