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Brite Solar is the result of years of research and industry experience from its accomplished founders. Together, they have developed a patented method for manufacturing 3rd generation solar PV products using DSSC technology. Brite Solar is based in Greece and has a business development office in the United States .
Our PanePower™ Solar Windows – are transparent film-covered glass covers for greenhouses and commercial buildings. The BIPV market includes energy-saving technologies that help vastly reduce a building’s energy needs, and in the case of the PanePower™ Solar Windows, can help generate energy through PV technology that lowers energy bills, reduces a structure’s dependence on grid-tied energy (thus lowering its environmental footprint) and can tap into government incentives for reduction in fossil fuel usage.

Brite is first in targeting a unique sector of the BIPV market which is the greenhouse glass market. The main operating costs for a greenhouse are labour (25%) heating / cooling (28%) and marketing (25%). Therefore, the energy support needed for operating a greenhouse is the most important cost component affecting both the cost of the crops produced and the grower’s bottom line. Our value proposition is that this cost component for a greenhouse using Brite’s solar glass will be zero. In fact the grower may realize a positive cash flow from the energy component of the greenhouse because we expect the revenue from the sale of the produced energy to the grid to exceed the cost of the energy expended to heat/cool the structure.

A greenhouse using applied nanotechnology for its glass cover offers a technological solution to its operational cost and to more ecological farming due to better pest control offered by the lighting conditions created by the use of our solar glass. The installed greenhouse base in the 10 largest greenhouse operating markets (China, Holland, Spain, Korea, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, USA, France, and Japan) exceeds 3 million hectares, or 30 billion square meters, and represents a huge opportunity for a retrofit market for solar glass given our value proposition of zero energy cost for the operation of the greenhouse.

Brite Solar’s proprietary process is an integrated solution that uses a photo electrochemical solar cell based on new composite organic/inorganic nanostructured materials, resulting in a solid electrolyte cell construction. The technology is unique to Brite Solar and has been patented in Greece and Holland with applications pending in the US and China. Brite Solar’s intellectual property gives the Company a major advantage versus other DSSC approaches and will allow it to manufacture power-producing windows that have long-term reliability and low manufacturing costs.

Brite has signed its first technology license agreement with Genesis City Holdings in China who will produce energy autonomous greenhouses using solar glass produced by the same company.

Target partners and collaborations sought

Desired collaborations and target partner expertise sought. [Please Indicate in detail the type of partner sought (e.g. end users, distributors, investors, SME, industry, research organization, etc), the specific area of activity or the expertise of the partner (technology/R&D/ commercial), and the task(s) to be performed.
Glass manufacturers, greenhouse manufacturers, solar panel manufacturers.

Technologies/products/services offered or sought

Specific technologies for out-licensing (or in-licensing), services/products offered or sought. If additional material is available for promotion purposes please send it to us independently.

We offer to license our patented DSSC technology to manufacturing partners. This technology yields transparent solar glass suitable for greenhouse and building applications. We seek to collaborate with suppliers of nanostructured materials suitable for ink jet printing. We also seek suppliers of TCO glass with good conductive properties.

Date of establishment: 3rd August 2009
Contact Person for HPhos: Nick Kanopoulos, President & CEO
Telephone: +30 2310 321342
Mobile: +30 6943 461393
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postal address: 9th klm Thessalonikis – Thermis, building ‘Thermi’ nr. 2,
P.O. Box: D8129,
Post Code: 57001 Thessaloniki, Greece
Number of employees: 13